Guinness Corned Beef with Cabbage

By Erika on October 21st, 2012 / Erika / 2 Comments

Tender, moist and flavorful…this St. Patrick’s Day Classic is easy to make and perfect for any cook to test their “luck of the Irish”. The rich Guinness flavors the meat throughout and I always finish my corned beef off in the oven to get a nice crispy sweet glaze.


For the Corned Beef:

2 bottles Guinness beer (or other dark beer)

3 cups beef stock

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1/2 onion, sliced

2-3 pounds uncooked corned beef


For the glaze:

3 tablespoons mustard

5 tablespoons brown sugar



For the Vegetables:

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 head cabbage

3 carrots, cut into 1/2″- 1″ pieces

1 parsnip, cut into 1/2″- 1″ pieces

5 small red potatoes, quartered

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. In a large french or dutch oven, whisk the Guinness, beef  stock and the brown sugar. Add the brisket and heat over medium-high heat until it comes to a gentle boil. Place in oven for 2 1/2 hours, flipping meat once about an hour in.

Remove from oven. Spoon out 2 cups of the corned beef liquid and discard the rest.

To make the vegetables, cut the cabbage into 8 wedges. In a separate large, wide pot, heat up the lard/bacon drippings/oil on medium-high heat. When hot, swirl the pan around to get the fat to evenly coat the pan. Add the cabbage wedges, carrots and potatoes and cook until browned, about a 3-4 minutes. Turn to brown the other side. Pour in the reserved corned beef cooking liquid, bring to a simmer and cover the pot. Turn the heat to low and let cook for 10-15 minutes. Use tongs or a large spoon to carefully remove the cabbage and reserve. Continue cooking the carrots and potato another 5 minutes or cooked though (pierce with fork to check doneness). Sprinkle with parsley and plate out with the cabbage.

Slice up the corned beef and serve with the cabbage and vegetables. Pour a bit of the sauce over the corned beef just before serving.


Step by step directions:

Add onions, beer, brown sugar and broth to the french or dutch oven

Add corned beef and bring to a simmer.

Cover and place in oven for  2 1/2 hours.

When corned beef comes out of the oven, remove from the Guinness broth and place on rack in roasting pan, Score fat and add mustard, brown sugar. Place a clove in every point of each “diamond” cut into the fat. Place back in oven for 30 minutes uncovered.

Clean french or dutch oven and add olive oil over medium-high heat. Add cabbage.

Brown cabbage on each side.

Add other vegetables.

Pour reserved corned beed braising liquid over vegetables and cook for 10 minutes. Remove cabbage and cook for 5 more minutes or until potatoes are tender.

Remove corned beef from oven.

Place on a cutting board and slice in 3/4″ thick slices.

Serve with cabbage and vegetables. Pour braising liquid over meat.

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  • leila purcell says:

    I like the green Heritage 3 qt square pan.

  • K. Cleaver says:

    That cabbage looks delicious. I’ve only fixed it steamed, but have bookmarked this to remind me to brown it first like you did. Yum!

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