Haunted Mansion Graveyard Halloween Party Plus Free Printables!

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Halloween Party Table Plus Free Printables The Hopeless Housewife


Boo! I love Halloweens so much, I can’t even take it. I also can’t even take this fun Halloween table we have been busy working on!  This was SO much fun to put together and I had to work hard to keep my daughter and friends from sneaking some of the sweets before I had a chance to photograph it.

This Haunted Mansion Graveyard Halloween party table is a little scary at first but then you see cute little mummy googly eyes, adorable bats and cutie little ghosts looking at you and how could the little ones be scared?  We also are offering the printables that are on this table free to download below. They include cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, food labels, straw flags and more.

I wanted to keep the color scheme monochromatic with a pop of orange here and there to make this table really stand out.

I am working to load all of the recipes, they will be done in the next few days and links will be up so come right back to check them all out.


Halloween Party Table Plus Free Printables The Hopeless Housewife 2



Big Taste, Small Bites: Party Food!

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Bufflao Chicken Lollipops with Blue Cheese Fondue | The Hopeless Housewife


So football has come and gone 🙁 but that doesn’t mean we can use some of that game day food for other parties (plus baseball’s around the corner!)!

Here is a table I just put together for a television segment on Super Bowl decor and food- the table is filled with awesome game day ideas which could translate into other yummy party food:

My Buffalo Chicken Lollipops with Blue Cheese Fondue are CRAZY good, I might just have to make these for all occasions, not just football. I’m sure I can find some appropriate moments that could include these delicious bites of crispy, juicy, spicy goodness. The blue cheese fondue is MILD, which I like- and it takes the bite off the spiciness of the buffalo sauce.


Most every game day party I’ve been to has included pizza…I really wanted to try something different here but still get my cheesy, zesty pepperoni fix. I thought arancini would be the perfect answer- the crispy outside of these little risotto balls hold the cheesy goodness of the pizza inside!  I made two versions of pizza arancini…of course we need “The Works” and then I tried a simpler version, Sausage and Caramelized Cipollini Onion. Chipollinis are sweet and caramelize quite nicely, making for a sweet and savory combo with sausage and cheese.

Here is my “The Works” Pizza Arancini (YUM!):


Sausage and Caramelized Cipollini Pizza Arancini:


Check out my “Ultimate Guys’” dessert: Maple Bacon Mini Football Cakes…sounds crazy but it’s delicious!! They really taste like maple pancakes with bacon (and of course a little chocolate thrown in there! trust me- the flavors work!).


Who doesn’t love a good spinach artichoke dip? And potato skins? I combine the two here for this delicious game-day treat! Spinach and Artichoke Potato Skins:


Mini Clam Chowder Bites are a great way to celebrate San Francisco by making one of their signature dishes into a mini appetizer bite. These are fun and easy!

These Grilled Mini Reubens are my mom’s recipe, they are bursting with flavor! They’re crispy, cheesy and delicious- the sauce is the perfect dip, what a great sandwich!


I made these for the Super Bowl and they are so great for a Sunday daytime party… Creole Grilled Shrimp Bloody Marys…spicy and delicious!



My Crab Cake Lollipops with Lemongrass Aioli were featured in People for the Super Bowl this year and I have been told they are some of the best crab cakes people have tasted…and these are perfect party size!



Here they are on my game day table:


Easter Sweets Table

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Growing up, Easter was always a big deal in our house. My sister and I would race around trying to find the most eggs…she would put all the smashed eggs in my basket and run to find the best basket first, then relentlessly tease me about how hers was so much better.  Ahhh, it’s great to be the younger sister! 🙂 Now that we are older and both have daughters, it’s fun to dress them in Easter dresses and watch them battle it out for the eggs!

This Easter sweets table is a true labor of love. It took a bit of time to put together, but it really was fun coming up with ideas for this fun, bright and whimsical wonderland for the kids.


Back to School Snacks!

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Where did the summer go? Have you started your back-to-school shopping yet? As much as I hate to see our vacation over, I love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and I love organizing school supplies.

My daughter and I put some fun ideas together for fun back-to-school snacks, they are messy but fun to make and DELICIOUS!!



Back to School Snacks 1 The Hopeless Housewife 4
















Summer Cookout!

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Nothing says summer like a good old fashioned cookout- it’s one of my favorite things to do!  There’s just something about the smell of the grill that can get neighbors you hadn’t heard from in awhile knocking at our door to join in on the fun. Just like Yogi the Bear following his nose to where the good food is. I know if I smell someone in the neighborhood grilling, I instantly want to fire up our grill.  Of course with a cookout comes the classics; burgers, baked beans, potato salad, corn on the cob, watermelon… and strawberry shortcake. I think I hear my childhood calling! I put a little spin on each of these classics and made one heck of a summer cookout, I hope you enjoy! (more…)

Sneak Peek at Our Halloween Party Table! Plus Free Printables

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Our Haunted Mansion Graveyard Party Table is now posted!  Click here to see all the photos and details, plus you’ll be able to download our free Halloween printables you see on the table!


Antipasto Ideas Plus Giveaway!

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Antipasto The Hopeless Housewife


I received a New Wave Antipasti Set from Villeroy and Boch to review and it instantly fell in love with it– it inspired me to come up with some delicious and creative food to adorn it’s beautiful clean, and modern lines. I started to think about who I was going to invite over and what fabulous drinks we were going to have.  So many possibilities. I also thought my readers would really love this set so we have one to give away (details at the end of this post!!)!!!!!! It is part of Villeroy and Boch’s Everyday Luxury Collection.


New Wave Antipasti Set The Hopeless Housewife 2

I love how the platter is wide enough to fit 3 different items— plus there are the two bowls (with that fab handle), giving you plenty of room to whip up 4 or 5 different antipasto items. This set deserves some antipasto ideas with pizazz and personality, so I tried to come up with some different ideas but still include some of the classics– meat, cheese, olives and peppers.


Burrata with Pan-Roasted Butternut Squash and Figs The Hopeless Housewife 2

Burrata is one of my all-time favorite things to eat. This Burrata with Pan-Roasted Butternut Squash and Figs is divine- like buttery, silky heaven with tender, pan-roasted butternut squash and sweet figs….mmm, mmm, mmm.


Mushroom Hummus The Hopeless Houseiwfe 3


Mushroom Hummus The Hopeless Housewife

My Mushroom Hummus is a really different and flavorful version of the classic hummus recipe…



Prosciutto, Brie and Melon Sushi Rolls The Hopeless Housewife 2

I was trying to come up with a different way to include meat and cheese on this tray  and this came to me in the middle of the night. I always get cucumber rolls whenever we are out to sushi, and I thought I could attempt something similar here using prosciutto, brie and different melons.  These adorable Prosciutto “Sushi” Rolls with Melon and Brie are so cute and fun…and best yet they are delicious!! Roll them up and try for yourself.



Squash Carpaccio The Hopeless Housewife

This Squash Carpaccio is fresh and fun. The squash, shallots and herbs make for a nice “salad-like” addition to the antipasto tray.


Antipasto The Hopeless Housewife

Now, drumroll….here are the details on how you can with this set for yourself (food not included 🙂 ) !


****Giveaway Details!!!****

Click here or on the graphic below to enter to win one for these gorgeous sets for yourself!


Antipasti Set Giveaway The Hopeless Housewife 2



Batter Up! It’s Baseball Season!!

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“It’s baseball season and once again life is good.” I have heard this many times by die-hard baseball fans..I have some experience here because my husband has been in baseball nearly his whole life- little league, high school baseball, college ball and the big leagues. His grandfather played for the Brooklyn Dodgers so baseball is in his blood, it’s all he’s ever wanted to do. (more…)

Boozy Desserts: Rum and Caramel Apple Bread Pudding

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Cocktails with Fresh Herbs

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Cocktails made with herbs are so fragrant and flavorful, it’s such an experience to drink them. Throw in some fresh muddled fruits, bitters, infused simple syrups and you’ve really got some amazing drinks on your hands!

Here are a few of our herbal drinks to whet your whistle…


Our Peach and Basil Bliss is refreshing and so delicious, not too sweet and big on peach and basil flavor. You can use your favorite spirit in this drink to make it your own.



I love our Pear Tree Cocktail. It’s made with rosemary infused simple syrup, which is surprisingly easy to make!


A different twist on the traditional mojito, this Pear Mint Mojito is refreshing and bursting with pear and mint flavors!


Peaches and Herb

Savannah Sunset



Blackberry, Pear and Mint Smash