Holiday Kids Party Food!

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I remember when I was a child, my mother made holidays magical, and secretly I always felt Santa could peek around the corner at any minute to see all the wonder my mother created! Whichever holiday you celebrate, these moments are about family coming together, and this is a great time to get in the kitchen with the kids!  I just LOVED to help my mother in the kitchen and always thought I could make exactly why she was making, no matter what it was. Clearly there are things kids should and shouldn’t be making in the kitchen, and each child is different. My daughter, Madison has been with me since she was very young in the kitchen and she has picked up a lot of cooking skills- she surprises me daily!  I have to remind her constantly to tie her long hair back when she is close to the stove and I always stay close to keep an eye on her- she reminds me so much of me as a child, wanting to take on the most difficult of tasks to prove she can do it, I recognize this and I always stay close!

Here are my favorite recipes to make with Madison…they  are simple and delicious! We split up duties and I do anything that involves heat or cutting, but the sky’s the limit on everything else!


Our Christmas No-Bake Nachos are made with red and green tortilla chips (available during the holidays ) and are so good! No fake cheese sauce on these babies, and you would be surprised how great they taste even though they aren’t hot!


Candy Land Birthday

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Rodeo Birthday

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