My Mother’s Blog

Hi everyone! I’m Glee Monroe, Erika’s mother! My mother said I was found under a papaya tree in Hawaii and that’s why I know that papaya and a squeeze of lime go so well together! Like Erika, I watched my mother and Dad cook over the years and I hope to bring you interesting tips and recipes I’ve picked up along the way. My dad was famous for his aromatic BBQs – he wanted us to enjoy the BBQ experience by always throwing rosemary in the fire – the wonderful smell of fragrant rosemary wafting through the air…well, what can I say but “thank you” Dad!!! Mom was known for her spectacular international recipes and her American recipes too! She was so creative and every meal was beautifully served and absolutely delicious!! I remember her Crowned Rib Roast with spiced apples at Christmas time, her standing rib roast with yorkshire pudding and gravy, her fabulous stuffing that no one can duplicate – her special chowders, fish and desserts…and again, what can I say but “thank you, Mom!! I’ve lived in Italy, Austria, England, Germany and Alaska, yes Alaska – Alaska seemed like another country to me…and when I visited Oregon in 1960 my Aunt Fran put a beautiful jam on the dinner table one night – a jam that had been passed down through our Swedish relatives, a strawberry freezer jam…I never forgot that jam and in the 90’s I made Polar Berry freezer jam and put it in over 600 stores in what seemed like over night. I then made syrups, jam and fruit toppings for Trader Joes…I’ve always loved developing new recipes and finding old recipes so stay tuned for more from me to you!