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By Erika on May 24th, 2012 / Erika / 4 Comments

Mother’s Day is around the corner and that gives us an excuse to have a tea party!! We find many excuses to have a tea party in our house, it’s one of my daughter’s favorite things to do. The great thing about a tea party is that it looks so impressive and amazing—yet it’s so easy to pull off. You can make it as hard as you want to make it…hand-make the scones from scratch or find a good mix. Fisher Fair Scones are delicious and so easy—you can buy the mix on the internet. The lemon curd is also available at Trader Joe’s pre-made. You can find devonshire and clotted cream on the internet as well. The recipes are also very simple— you might just want to try making them from scratch!

Many Americans think a “High Tea” is very fancy when in all reality it’s the least fancy of teas— the British call this a high tea because it’s meant to be eaten on a high table, it’s a heavier meal, meant for workers after a long day. An afternoon tea is the more fancy of teas, meant to be eaten on a coffee table or lower table— a full afternoon tea contains scones, savories (tea sandwiches) and pastries along with the tea and other beverages.

I find that children love cucumber sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches and of course peanut butter and jelly is always a hit- especially when they are made with cookie cutters into great shapes. Petit fours and pastries and fun to make yet time consuming, so in a pinch I stop at the local grocery store’s bakery and pick up treats I know my daughter will like. If I have time, I will make the sweets myself.

Presentation, presentation, presentation…fancy it up as much as you want and if you truly enjoy throwing a tea, start to collect china and serving pieces that you love. On my “Erika’s Secret Weapons” page you will find links to some tea sets- from inexpensive to a splurge. I also have link to some great serving pieces that will help you look like a pro in no time!

Pinkies up everyone!!


Links to the Tea Party Labels mentioned on Good Morning Arizona are below.

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  • Cindy says:

    Looking for the printable Lables you spoke about on the news..I can’t find the web page at all. Can you PLEASE help me? Thanks. Mrs. Cindy Loucks

  • Barbara says:

    I was watching Good Morning Arizona this morning and saw your segment. I’m looking for the name of the website for the printable labels. Tried the website name you gave on the air but not having any luck. Loved your segment. Thank you! Barbara

  • Jody says:

    These are such great ideas. Love your site!

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