A Good Cook Cleans as She Goes!

“A good cook cleans as she goes!” My mother used to say this to me in the kitchen, and I always thought this so funny because she was SO messy when she was cooking, and I ended up walking behind her and cleaning after her! But it got me thinking as an adult, the more I keep things clean around me, the easier it is to cook and the happier I am at the end of cooking (not to mention that it is so much easier at the end of dinner when most of the kitchen is already clean).  So now I parrot this sentiment to everyone who is cooking with ME in the kitchen (also I am hoping they will clean up after me as I did for my mother!).

Besides the obvious and necessary cleaning that goes with poultry, fish and meats, small things like wiping down the counters, washing the cutting boards, putting away all the unneeded items and cleaning used pots and pans before dinner are a HUGE help (I certainly don’t want to take all of that on with a full belly!).  I also feel so much more organized while cooking that I actually think I have more patience to make the food taste better!

At the end of dinner, my husband always jumps up to help with the dishes– he is always so sweet and helpful in the kitchen! It always pains me to see him doing dishes, however– I feel like he works so hard and he’s so tired that he should get a break. I normally shoo him out of the kitchen so I can whip it back into shape and give him some relaxation time. As in life, the earlier work I did while I had more energy helps in a big way and I can sew up the loose ends a lot more easily!

Remember to always take extra caution with raw meats (particularly poultry), I always clean off cutting boards/knives/cleaver and sink with hot water and soap, then spray with Clorox Cleanup, then wash again with soap and water to get rid of the bleach.

They make such cute cleaning supplies these days, I think back when my mom was telling me to clean… we had a dishcloth (my mother hates sponges and banned them from the house because she doesn’t like how they harbor bacteria) and a trash bag. These days companies like Jessie Steele and Mrs.Meyer’s Clean Day make it easy to clean, and also look great while you’re doing so!

Here are my favorite luxury cleaning supplies…these are also great gift ideas as well for the “clean freak” in your life!

Jessie Steele’s EVA-Coated Deco Dot Aprons won’t let that grime stain you or your apron while cleaning…how adorable is this???
Grandway’s trendy  Dustpan and Brooms  are so cute, they will almost make you forget you’re cleaning!
Meyer’s Clean Day makes such incredible products– they smell so good, and their holiday gift sets like their  Iowa Pine Holiday Set will make you feel like you’re in a pine forest…
…and the Meyer’s Clean Day’s Orange Clove Holiday Set is really fragrant and so festive!
Jessie Steele is one of my favorite companies, I wear their beautiful aprons on most cooking segments I do and people can not get enough of them! Their gorgeous kitchen gloves are just as cute, makes you almost want to do the dishes…no “dishpan hands” here!
…and don’t forget you have to dry those dishes! Not to fret, Jessie Steele’s adorable kitchen towels will soak up all that extra dish water all the while still looking as fashionable as ever.
Speaking of dishes, I found the cutest kitchen brushes from Boston Warehouse…just add water (and dishes!).
We can’t forget the soap! The Good Home Store has some amazing dish soaps. With scents like beach days, lavender and pure grass, these really make me smile. All of The Good Home Store’s cleaning product are made with  biodegradable ingredients and not tested on animals so I am sold!
In the mood for some holiday cheer? Williams Sonoma’s Holiday  Dish Soap and Lotion Set really puts me in a good mood…candy stripes and peppermint scented dish soap and lotion? Truly decadent!
The Good Home Store also makes their scented glass and surface cleaner in the beach days, lavender and pure grass scents, no more ammonia or vinegar smells to knock you out while you do windows!
Tired of your 1970’s looking bright yellow or blue sponge?  These luxurious microfiber sponges are sure to get you out of your sponge rut.
Now to the laundry room! Grandway Honduras has some pretty glamorous laundry bags

The Good Home Store makes these scented clothes pins. What a great idea!

…and their luxurious dryer sheets will gently scent your clothes with these relaxing aromas.

If you really want to up your game in the laundry room, why not try The Good Home Store’s scented laundry fragrance? These will scent and soften your clothes, towels and sheets. 

Listen, if we have to clean, we might as well have a little fun with it! I hope you love these favorite picks of mine!



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  • Aubrey Manning says:

    Ah haha, love the gloves and funny story about your mom! My mom always made me clean too…

  • Allison Walter says:

    Your mom sounds so funny. The gloves are much cuter than my supermarket yellows.

  • Danielle says:

    I could clean with that dustpan and gloves! Great stuff.

  • glee monroe says:

    So THAT’S why the kitchen was so clean – you were behind me taking care of all the flour etc on the counters!!! But I have to say, Grandma was the messy one – OMG – but no one but no one could cook like her – she was simply the best!!

  • Cari Schofield says:

    Love all of these tips!! I highly doubt you’re as hopeless as me Erika, those gloves are the “bomb”, have to have those! I’m a raging clean-a-holic though & had to laugh at what your Mother said, sounds like my Mom 😉

    • Erika Erika says:

      Hi Cari! Ha! You know what it’s like then with my mom!! 🙂

    • Guest says:

      Indeed. It has taken me a bit to figure why ladies wear gloves in the kitchen, but then I came to realize that it’s actually more sensible to do this way, not the other way around, like most guys do, even for hygienic reasons and domestic safety. I can attest that as I would have cut myself if I weren’t wearing gloves (yellow ones, not disposable).

      That being said, gloves really make a difference, making cleaning up a more pleasant experience, even for guys who also loathe doing these chores. I’d rather do some DIY than helping someone with the dishes, but if I had to, I’d much prefer to slip into some gloves than touch old wet slimy stuff with bare hands, which for me is a pet peeve.

      Those pink gloveables are a must for girls, and so is the apron, very nice and feminine. The other items are very useful as well.

  • Emily Wells says:

    My great grandmother, grandmother and mom always cleaned as they cooked, and now I do too. It makes clean up after dinner SO much easier!!

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