Glee’s Potato Salad

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  • Glee’s Potato Salad


    • 10 medium russet potatoes
    • 6 sliced green onions
    • 1 Cup more or less Real Mayonnaise
    • Salt
    • Cracked pepper
    • Sugar
    • Red wine vinegar
    • 1/4 cup sweet relish
    • 1/4 cup dill relish
    • 3/4 cup minced curly parsley
    • Paprika


    1. Boil unpeeled potatoes until tender, you don't want them mushy. Immediately drain and peel hot potatoes, while potatoes are hot (this is the secret) spoon mayonnaise into potatoes until you reach the desired consistency.
    2. Add relish, salt, pepper and mix, but not too well otherwise you will end up with mashed potatoes.
    3. Add vinegar to taste, and sugar until flavor is tangy.
    4. Add onions and parsley and turn into large glass bowl - sprinkle with paprika.
    5. Cover and chill.
    6. The important thing is to taste potato salad so that ingredients come together perfectly!

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