Summer Cookout!

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Nothing says summer like a good old fashioned cookout- it’s one of my favorite things to do!  There’s just something about the smell of the grill that can get neighbors you hadn’t heard from in awhile knocking at our door to join in on the fun. Just like Yogi the Bear following his nose to where the good food is. I know if I smell someone in the neighborhood grilling, I instantly want to fire up our grill.  Of course with a cookout comes the classics; burgers, baked beans, potato salad, corn on the cob, watermelon… and strawberry shortcake. I think I hear my childhood calling! I put a little spin on each of these classics and made one heck of a summer cookout, I hope you enjoy!



You have to start a cookout with a burger, right? When I was little I loved the charred flavor of a good grilled burger and these  Smoky Burger Sliders with Fried Pickles and Caramelized Onions have that smoky flavor without the char- they are truly mouthwateringly delicious! Fried pickles are my new obsession- so easy to make and to die for!



These Pear and Brie Baguettes are a play on my  Apple and Brie Grilled Cheese, but with a pears. I wrapped them in parchment paper and tied with baker’s twine. Perfect sandwich for a summer picnic!

















I’m the first to pile the baked beans on my plate at cookouts- I just love them! My Maple Bacon Baked Beans are so delicious- tangy, sweet and savory with crispy bacon and maple syrup drizzled on top, yes please!



This Chipotle Potato Salad topped with crispy shallots has a little kick of spice in it and the smoky flavor of chipotle and adobo sauce. This is not your grandmother’s potato salad!





I think the first thing my daughter goes for whenever it’s available is corn on the cob. She mows through and ear like there’s no tomorrow and who can blame her? It’s one of the great pleasures in life. Mexican grilled corn is just a step up from that- yum, yum and YUM! I put my Mexican Grilled Corn on corn dog sticks and stuck them in floral foam in a bucket for a fun and festive way to serve the summer-time treat.



My Watermelon, Nectarine and Mint Coolers are packed with nutrients and they are SO delicious, kids and adults will love them alike! When no one is looking I have been known to put a little vodka in mine 🙂 .























These Blueberry and Cherry Pie Cupcakes I saw on Oprah look so much like the real thing, your guests will have to look twice before realizing the “berries” are M & Ms…I put them in an adorable gingham cupcake box I found on Amazon.







I found some really cute mini trifle cups and thought immediately how great it would be to put my favorite summer dessert into a trifle form in these cups. I made my melt-in-your-mouth  Balsamic Berry Shortcake Trifles with Basil Whipped Cream by layering shortcake, balsamic strawberries, basil-infused whipped cream and blueberries to make a yummy, refreshing treat for all!






















To finish off our festive look, I found these bamboo utensils and plates on Amazon, and I wrapped them in wax paper bags that I cut to fit the shape I needed. How cute are these??



Happy Grilling!







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    Looks good and gives me great ideas for my next summer cookout!

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