Easter Sweets Table

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Growing up, Easter was always a big deal in our house. My sister and I would race around trying to find the most eggs…she would put all the smashed eggs in my basket and run to find the best basket first, then relentlessly tease me about how hers was so much better.  Ahhh, it’s great to be the younger sister! 🙂 Now that we are older and both have daughters, it’s fun to dress them in Easter dresses and watch them battle it out for the eggs!

This Easter sweets table is a true labor of love. It took a bit of time to put together, but it really was fun coming up with ideas for this fun, bright and whimsical wonderland for the kids.

These Lemon Easter Chick Push-Up Pops are reminiscent of the push-up pops I loved as a kid. We took a baby chick craft (from Michael’s) and placed it on the push-up pop container that we found at Michael’s as well (they are also found on the internet or in baking supply shops).




We have a great cotton candy maker cart that I pull out for parties…I also have seen many inexpensive ones on the internet that would be great table top versions. I love to find new ways to make anything and this one really got me excited! These Bunny Tail Cotton Candy Lemonades are so fun. I didn’t fill the lemonade to the top of the mason jars (that way the cotton candy wouldn’t melt when I placed it on top), then I got a nice-sized puff of cotton candy and squeezed it in the top of the jar, being careful not to push it down into the lemonade. The result is an adorable drink that the kids just can’t get enough of!



Okay, so I am kind of over cake pops unless I can find a unique and fun way of displaying them…These egg-shaped cake pops were the perfect answer! We found some grass mats at Michael’s and put the grass into a basket over floral foam (we also found at Michael’s). The result is the Easter Eggs looking like the are atop grass, so cute!



Peeps always make a great decoration for any Easter table–we put these bunny Peeps into the same grass-filled baskets we used for the Easter Egg Cake Pops.



These little baby chicks in a nest cupcakes are basically a little cake pop bon-bon atop a cupcake that has edible Easter grass nests swirled on top. We found the edible Easter grass at Walmart.



My friend from “The Taste” on ABC, Chef Uno Immanivong helped me with these cute little Easter basket cupcakes. They are really simple. Using cupcake liners we found at Sur La Table, we baked the cupcakes then piped buttercream on top. We topped it with coconut that we colored with green food dye. We used edible Easter grass strings for the basket handle, and topped with Easter candy for the eggs!



The cotton candy centerpiece was a great way to add color to the table. It almost reminds me of the Lorax movie! We layered cotton candy in a vase I found around the house and wrapped a colorful bow around it.



I used an egg-shaped silicone baking pan for these carrot cake and decorated them like Easter eggs.



This basket of “carrots” is very easy- we used cellophane bags and placed orange construction paper shaped into a cone in the center. We filled them with jelly beans and then topped with green tissue paper for the “stems”. Wrap it up with a ribbon and you’ve got yourself a “carrot”.



Happy Easter!! Send pictures if you try any of these ideas!

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    Everything is super cute! I love the cotton candy centerpiece!

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