The Hopeless Contributors

Glee Monroe has spent most of her life in the kitchen. She learned European techniques at a young age, having grown up all across Europe. Glee has developed many of her own recipes, and has many passed down through her family. She developed her own line of freezer jams, Polar Berries, which was sold in 600 stores across the country, as well as made syrups, jams and fruit toppings for Trader Joe’s. She is currently working on a new line of organic berry products which she hopes will be on the shelves soon!

Kristin Paskowitz (Erika’s sister) knows a thing or two about cooking for large families. Her husband is from a family of nine children (the world famous Paskowitz surfing family) and now with all of THEIR children the family gatherings are quite large! Kristin recently had her second daughter, Emma in late 2011, 20 years after having her first daughter Halo with husband Salvador (they just celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary! ).

Kristin says she is a typical mom – exhausted and looking for ways to make her life easier. She has lived in Alaska, Oregon, and California, and right now they live in land-locked Beverly Hills with her screenwriter husband but she really calls Orange County home.

Kristin hand-makes Emma’s baby food with organic fruits and vegetables. She is a bit of a health-nut and there’s probably nothing she doesn’t know about organics, supplements and nutrition.

Check in once in a while for fun recipes and thoughts on bringing up baby in your early 40’s – is it harder, easier…?? Let’s start the conversation!

Dawn Opp grew up with Erika and her sister Krisitin in San Clemente, California. Together they have all created many dinner parties and events, always with lots of food and amazing drinks. Dawn prides herself in cooking organic and finding the latest and greatest at organic markets across Southern California.

To say Dawn has a green thumb is an understatement. She is an avid gardener and if you visit her home you will inevitably be drawn to her amazing array of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and succulents in her back and front yards. She enjoys growing the food she serves her family and is looking forward to sharing her tips on growing a bountiful garden for your family’s dinners as well.

Dawn and her husband Brian recently returned back to her hometown of San Clemente with their three children, after living in Hailey, Idaho for a few years.

Erin German has been a part of Erika’s “hopeless” team since 2004. She has helped Erika plan numerous events and parties as well as work with her family on everyday household projects. Erin is wildly creative and has a great time coming up with unique and fun ways to celebrate every occasion. Having a “can-do” attitude about even the toughest of situations, Erin has helped Erika and her family out of many hopeless circumstances!

Erin recently started her own line of baby blankets, “BelBambinos” so babies all over the country are now securely snuggling with these soft and amazing creations. She started out by sewing these gorgeous blankets for her friends, but when word got out, she started selling every single blanket she made as soon as they were finished.  You can find them in her Etsy shop BelBambinos.

An avid “pinner”on Pinterest, Erin loves to find new and amazing ideas all over the internet for her family, wedding and of course in the kitchen. Erin is working on “pinning” many great ideas for “The Hopeless Housewife,” as well as contributing her own recipes and ideas for all of us who have felt “hopeless” all around the house from time to time.